Interface PointsPickResult<TFeature>

Pick result on PointCloud-like objects

Type Parameters

  • TFeature = unknown



batchId?: number
coord: {
    x: number;
    y: number;
    z: number;

Coordinates of the point picked.

Type declaration

  • x: number
  • y: number
  • z: number
distance: number

Distance from the camera to the picked result.

distanceToRay?: number

Entity picked

face?: Face

Intersected face

faceIndex?: number

Index of the intersected face

features?: TFeature[]

Features picked (if pickFeatures enabled).

index: number

Index of the point in the Points object

instanceId?: number

The index number of the instance where the ray intersects the THREE.InstancedMesh | InstancedMesh

isPointsPickResult: true
normal?: Vector3
object: Points<BufferGeometry<NormalBufferAttributes>, Material | Material[]>

Point cloud picked

point: Vector3

Point picked.

pointOnLine?: Vector3
uv?: Vector2
uv1?: Vector2

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