Interface VectorSourceOptions



containsFn?: CustomContainsFn

The custom function to test if a given extent is contained in this source. Note: we assume this function accepts extents in this source's CRS.

data?: string | object | Feature<Geometry>[]

The data content. Can be:

  • A URL to a remote file (requires the format parameter)
  • The content of the source (such as GeoJSON) (requires the format parameter)
  • A list of OpenLayers features.
dataProjection?: string

The projection of the data source. Must be specified if the source does not have the same projection as the Giro3D instance.

flipY?: boolean

Should images be flipped vertically during composition ?

format?: FeatureFormat

The data format. Required if url or data are used.

is8bit?: boolean

The data type of images generated. For regular color images, this should be true. For images with a high dynamic range, or images that requires additional processing, this should be false.

style: Style | StyleFunction

The style, or style function.

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