add_remove_layers example thumbnail
Add / Remove layers

Add and remove layers in a Map.

map wmts
arbitrary_map_extents example thumbnail
Arbitrary map extents

Create maps with arbitrary extents.

map tiles xyz
axisgrid example thumbnail

Illustrates the use of the AxisGrid entity.

map axisgrid tiles xyz
camera_controls example thumbnail
Custom controls

Illustrates the use of the camera-controls plugin.

navigation controls 3D Tiles wms
clipping_planes example thumbnail
Clipping planes

Clip various entities with clipping planes.

map point cloud clipping
cog_channel_mapping example thumbnail
COG image manipulation

Select which bands to view on COGs with multiple bands.

map geotiff
cog_color example thumbnail
Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG)

Display a color COG in various color spaces.

map geotiff
cog_elevation example thumbnail
Elevation COG

Display an elevation COG with a color map.

terrain map geotiff
cog_nodata example thumbnail
No-data elimination

Display an elevation COG and discard no-data values.

map nodata
cog_nodata_reprojection example thumbnail
No-data elimination after reprojection

Illustrates no-data elimination at the edges of a dataset after reprojection.

map nodata geotiff reprojection
color_adjustments example thumbnail
Color Adjustment

Set brightness, constrast, and saturation on color layers and maps.

map colorimetry
colorized_pointcloud example thumbnail
Colorized 3D Tiles Point Cloud

Illustrates colorization of point clouds with multiple modes.

point cloud wms 3d tiles
colormaps example thumbnail
Color maps

Use colormaps to emphasize elevation and terrain features.

map colormap gradient
contour_lines example thumbnail
Contour lines

Use contour lines to display elevation levels.

map elevation
cropped_cog_elevation example thumbnail
Cropped Elevation COG

Check that an elevation COG works correctly at the edge of the map.

geotiff elevation map
cubic_planar example thumbnail
3D Transformations

Transform objects using position, rotation and scale.

transformation map
drawtool example thumbnail
Draw shapes

Enables the user to draw points, lines and polygons.

drawing picking map
elevation_ranges example thumbnail
Elevation ranges

Limit the display of a color layer or a map within an elevation range.

map layer clipping elevation range
feature_collection_reprojection example thumbnail
Reprojection of features as mesh

Illustrates the automatic reprojection of vectors to match the instance's CRS.

vector features reprojection
first_person_controls example thumbnail
First Person Controls

Use first person controls to move in the scene

navigation controls
getting-started example thumbnail
2.5D Map

Display a map with elevation.

map elevation tutorial
graticule example thumbnail

Display a graticule on a Map.

map graticule
hillshade example thumbnail
Hillshading & terrain

Illustrate the use of hillshading on maps with terrain.

map terrain hillshading
htmllabels example thumbnail
HTML labels

Display HTML labels in the 3D scene.

labels map
ign_data example thumbnail
IGN data

Use data sources provided by the french geographic provider (IGN).

wfs wmts ign map
inspector example thumbnail

Display the inspector with a custom panel.

instance_disposing example thumbnail
Dispose instance

Help to test if Giro3D correctly deallocates memory.

layer_ordering example thumbnail
Change layer order

Move layers up and down in the map.

map layers
layer_reprojection example thumbnail
Layer reprojection

Reproject layers with heterogenous coordinate systems.

map layers reprojection
layer_stress_test example thumbnail
Color layer stress test

Stress test a map with many color layers.

performance layer map
layer_update example thumbnail
Dynamic layer updates

The layer is updated when the style changes.

vector geojson map layer
layouts example thumbnail
Multiple instances in different layouts

Display Giro3D scenes in with different layouts (flex, sticky, fixed, etc.).

lidar_hd example thumbnail
Pointcloud from IGN Lidar HD

Display a point cloud from the Lidar HD project. Colorized with a WMS layer.

point cloud 3d tiles ign
map_elevation_profile example thumbnail
Elevation profile

Create an elevation profile using a Map and a path.

map terrain profile
map_transparency_stack example thumbnail
Stacking transparent maps

Illustrates how transparency in maps work.

map layer opacity
map_vertical_exaggeration example thumbnail
Vertical exaggeration

Apply a vertical exaggeration on a scene.

map axisgrid terrain picking
mask_layer example thumbnail
Mask layers

Illustrates the use of mask layers.

map layer mapbox geojson
minimap example thumbnail

Illustrates the use of a secondary Giro3D instance to display a minimap.

map minimap layout
ol_vector example thumbnail
Vector sources

Display Vector data on a Map using vector sources.

map layer vector geojson
ol_vector_topojson example thumbnail

Display a TopoJSON file on a Map.

map layer vector topojson
osm example thumbnail
OpenStreetMap layer

Display an OpenStreetMap layer on a Map.

map osm layer
partial_layer example thumbnail
Partial layers

Illustrates the use of layers partially overlapping their parent Map.

map layer
picking example thumbnail

Pick objects with various methods (GPU picking, raycasting...)

map point cloud picking
planar_mapbox example thumbnail
Mapbox tilesets

Display color and elevation Mapbox tilesets.

map layer mapbox
planar_vector example thumbnail
Native Vector Data

Drape vector data on a map.

map vector gpx geojson kml gml
point_cloud_classification example thumbnail
Point cloud classification

Display a classified point cloud.

point cloud classification 3d tiles
point_cloud_intensity example thumbnail
Point cloud intensity

Visualize point cloud intensity with a colormap.

point cloud 3d tiles intensity
pointcloud example thumbnail
3D Tiles Point Cloud

Display a 3D Tiles point cloud.

point cloud 3d tiles
potree_pointcloud example thumbnail
Potree Point Cloud

Display a Potree point cloud.

potree point cloud
query_map_elevation example thumbnail
Query map elevations

Sample elevation at various points in the map.

map elevation mapbox
share_layers_between_maps example thumbnail
Share layer between maps

Display multiple maps that share the same layer.

map layer
sparse_layers example thumbnail
Sparse layers

Illustrates how textures are allocated when layers have a lot of empty areas.

map layer performance
three_loader example thumbnail
Three.js loaders

Load models directly from a Three.js loader (skinned mesh in this instance).

three gltf loader
tifftiles example thumbnail
32-bit TIFF elevation tiles

Display a map with TMS TIFF tiles in Float32 format.

map xyz tiles geotiff
tracking_progress example thumbnail
Tracking progress

Query progress of processing tasks with the .progress and .loading APIs.

progress loading map
transparent_background example thumbnail
Transparent canvas background

A canvas with a transparent background.

transparent_map_bg example thumbnail
Types of opacity

Illustrates various types of opacity (map, map background, and layer)

map layer opacity
vector_tile example thumbnail
Vector Tiles With OpenLayers

Display Vector Tiles on a Map using OpenLayers.

map vector tiles mapbox
wfs example thumbnail

Display a WFS layer.

map vector wfs draped
wfs_mesh example thumbnail
WFS as 3D meshes

Display features from a WFS source as 3D meshes

vector wfs mesh
wmts example thumbnail
WMTS layer

Display a WMTS layer on a Map.

map layer wmts