Interface InstanceEvents


  • InstanceEvents


after-camera-update: {
    camera: Camera;
} & FrameEventPayload

Fires after the camera update

Type declaration

after-entity-update: EntityEventPayload & FrameEventPayload

Fires after the entity update

after-render: FrameEventPayload

Fires after the render

before-camera-update: {
    camera: Camera;
} & FrameEventPayload

Fires before the camera update

Type declaration

before-entity-update: EntityEventPayload & FrameEventPayload

Fires before the entity update

before-render: FrameEventPayload

Fires before the render

entity-added: {}

Fires when an entity is added to the instance.

Type declaration

    entity-removed: {}

    Fires when an entity is removed from the instance.

    Type declaration

      picking-end: {
          elapsed: number;
          results?: PickResult<unknown>[];

      Type declaration

      • elapsed: number

        The duration of the picking, in seconds.

      • Optional results?: PickResult<unknown>[]

        The picking results.

      picking-start: {}

      Type declaration

        update-end: FrameEventPayload

        Fires at the end of the update

        update-start: FrameEventPayload

        Fires at the start of the update

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