Options for geometric terrain rendering.

interface TerrainOptions {
    enableCPUTerrain?: boolean;
    enabled?: boolean;
    stitching?: boolean;


enableCPUTerrain?: boolean

Requires enabled to be true

Computes the actual terrain mesh in CPU, in addition to GPU. Required to perform raycasting or collision detection with the map's surface, as well as elevation queries.

Disabling CPU terrain might improve performance and reduce memory usage.

Default Value

enabled?: boolean

Enables terrain deformation. If true, the surface of the map will be deformed to match the elevation data. If false or unset, the surface of the map will be flat.

Default Value

stitching?: boolean

Requires enabled to be true.

Enables terrain stitching. Stitching allows the map to be perfectly watertight at the seams between tiles, even when the neighbouring tile have different sizes.

Disabling stitching might improve performance.

Default Value