MapConstructorOptions: {
    backgroundColor?: ColorRepresentation;
    backgroundOpacity?: number;
    colorimetry?: ColorimetryOptions;
    contourLines?: boolean | ContourLineOptions;
    discardNoData?: boolean;
    doubleSided?: boolean;
    elevationRange?: ElevationRange;
    extent: Extent;
    forceTextureAtlases?: boolean;
    graticule?: boolean | GraticuleOptions;
    hillshading?: boolean | HillshadingOptions;
    maxSubdivisionLevel?: number;
    object3d?: Object3D;
    segments?: number;
    showOutline?: boolean;
    terrain?: boolean | TerrainOptions;

Type declaration

  • Optional backgroundColor?: ColorRepresentation

    The color of the map when no color layers are present.

    Default Value

  • Optional backgroundOpacity?: number

    The opacity of the map background.

    Default Value

    1 (opaque)
  • Optional colorimetry?: ColorimetryOptions

    The colorimetry for the whole map. Those are distinct from the individual layers' own colorimetry.

    Default Value

  • Optional contourLines?: boolean | ContourLineOptions

    Enables contour lines. If undefined or false, contour lines are not displayed.

    Note: this option has no effect if the map does not contain an elevation layer.

    Default Value

    undefined (contour lines are disabled)

  • Optional discardNoData?: boolean

    If true, parts of the map that relate to no-data elevation values are not displayed. Note: you should only set this value to true if an elevation layer is present, otherwise the map will never be displayed.

    Default Value

  • Optional doubleSided?: boolean

    If true, both sides of the map will be rendered, i.e when looking at the map from underneath.

    Default Value

  • Optional elevationRange?: ElevationRange

    The optional elevation range of the map. The map will not be rendered for elevations outside of this range. Note: this feature is only useful if an elevation layer is added to this map.

    Default Value

    undefined (elevation range is disabled)
  • extent: Extent

    The geographic extent of the map.

  • Optional forceTextureAtlases?: boolean

    Force using texture atlases even when not required.

    Default Value

  • Optional graticule?: boolean | GraticuleOptions

    The graticule options.

    Default Value

    undefined (graticule is disabled).
  • Optional hillshading?: boolean | HillshadingOptions

    Enables hillshading. If undefined or false, hillshading is disabled.

    Note: hillshading has no effect if the map does not contain an elevation layer.

    Default Value

    undefined (hillshading is disabled)

  • Optional maxSubdivisionLevel?: number

    Maximum tile depth of the map. If undefined, there is no limit to the subdivision of the map.

    Default Value

  • Optional object3d?: Object3D

    The optional Object3D to use as the root object of this map. If none provided, a new one will be created.

  • Optional segments?: number

    The number of geometry segments in each map tile. The higher the better. It must be power of two between 1 included and 256 included. Note: the number of vertices per tile side is segments + 1.

    Default Value

  • Optional showOutline?: boolean

    Show the map tiles' borders.

    Default Value

  • Optional terrain?: boolean | TerrainOptions

    Options for geometric terrain rendering.